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March 17, 2006




I salute your courage and I enjoyed reading your NOM story.

I enjoy being a NOM of sorts online, but I don't at this point feel obliged to do so in a cinder-block and mortar setting. In part it has to do with the social norms you reference, and in part it has to do with keeping the peace at home.


Thanks, Ian. I look forward to talking with you IRL when you move to Dallas next fall. ;-)


how would the leaders of the lds church know that people like you are even out there- on the one hand I think MANY of the leaders personally bleieve the same as a new order mormon but they have a church to run and must keep the party line- so to speak- I think the leaders do not care what the individual members believe UNLESS they are seen in the public eye. If you are open about this belief system you would be silenced and kicked out so I do not see how internal pressure will help the church change though IF there were enough IN the church that said we will believe and stay but not with the nonsense attached they MAYBE you all have a chance

Ricardo Eneas

I am from Brazil , baptized as a mormon when I was 12 , now I am 44 . I am an important business man in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo , I am impressed with your courage decency , and let me tell you I FEEL THE SAME WE MUST BE TWINS ,


Thanks for sharing your experience! It's helped give me some perspective on whether to stay or go.

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Good point, great sharing of experience too!

Ben Cliff

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