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March 16, 2006


Matt Elggren

As I'm reading your experience I'm sitting here thinking to myself...either the devil (btw I don't believe in the devil, only devilish men) has become significantly more wiley in his arguements against faith since BoM times, or those imbiciles promoted as anti-christs in the BoM are ridiculous straw men.

Can you see the modern Almas and such standing up to the arguments against Mormonism and getting the same results? Instead, we get misdirection, artful side-stepping, and double-talk. But no, these are the modern prophets and those BoM guys are very poor but persuasive (to the credulous) fiction.

Well, here we are. It's good to learn these lessons...but now, what to do? Personally, I'm kind of getting tired of this fence-sitting stuff. Something's got to give.

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