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November 10, 2006



Oh look! I'm not queued here! How nice. Those mean ol' folks over on BCC queued me after a measly 3 or 4 comments, and my comments were respectable too. Nothing like being a modern day William Law, and having my printing press shut down. Hell. (Sorry for getting side-tracked.) So, thanks for the vine Equality! It's so wonderful to be given the freedom to express my thoughts in the marketplace of ideas, without being censored.

This is a very good summary about graduating from mystical beliefs to true adulthood, and accepting truth at face value. Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie A FEW GOOD MEN "You can't HANDLE the truth!" I believe that most members of the church really can't handle the truth. The system of dependency on their myths and dogma is SO engrained in mainstream mormonism, that it has become their reality. This "reality" would become a shambles if they were to analyze their faith objectively, so they won't do it.

It's similar to the psychology of pathological liars. They actually believe their own lies to be true. The institutional church suffers from this same dilemma, reinforced by decades and generations of leaders. Its enlightening to open one's mind to everything. Yet, sadly, most mormons cannot do it. They refuse to open their minds on a daily basis, without even the ability to perceive this character flaw.

Peace is elusive, I agree, when one is open to all information and has been raised with an extremely limited worldview. But I think it will come slowly.


Denial is not a survival strategy, is it?

Watt Mahoun

Perhaps peace is even a delusion...oh, happy delusion where one can go to die an untimely death. Peace is for zombies...while the rest of us choose to dance.

Thanks for this post, Equality. Beautiful.


I think that a certain degree of peace comes about once the tension between LDS doctrine and personal beliefs is resolved. That's how it was for me, anyway.


That's a great point, Randy. I was so relieved when I finally figured out what was going in Mormonism. Finally, the world made sense again.

Watt Mahoun

Randy and Yockel,

I'm just guessing that you don't have TBM spouses and children...

Though I agree that there is a certtain peace of mind when the realization comes..but for me in was the calm before the storm.

The Sinister Porpoise

You will eventually find peace on your journey, but that should not be the goal.


Thanks, SP. Yes, I agree. After all, what do they put on tombstones? "Rest In Peace." Eventually, we all achieve peace--through death. Life for me isn't about peace--it's about discovery, learning, growing, understanding, loving, experiencing, communing, relating, endeavoring, striving, yearning, being. Sometimes these things bring peace, other times they don't.

Matt aka Notamormon

President Hinckley said: “the basic doctrine remains the same and that becomes a solid unshifting foundation to which people can cling in this world of instability and drifting values."

If only that were so! If it were so, Mr Hinckley might not have to say: "I don't know that we teach that" when someone asks him a 'basic Mormon doctrine.'


Yeah, Matt, I thought of that, too, when I read that quote. I have seen President Hinckley say at other times that people are searching for "values" that do not shift rather than "doctrine." I think that's really the package that Hinckley is trying to peddle: that the world is going to hell in handbasket but that Mormonism stands firm in favor of "traditional" marriage, gender roles, and so forth. On that, there is evidence to support his position, though it is deabatable whether it's a good or bad thing. On doctrine, of course you are correct--it's impossible to pin down. Just today, at Times & Seasons and BCC there are discussions (again) over just what constitutes Mormon "doctrine." It seems even the most educated members of the church really have no idea!

Jordan F.

Perhaps when people wish others "peace" in their journey, they are really saying they hope they find eventual happiness, satisfaction, nirvana, etc., and not "peace" as you seem to be parsing the term.


Perhaps. That's a nice thought. And I hope the friend who left the comment knows that I appreciate his kind words and salutations. I certainly don't mean to imply that I took any offense at someone expressing the hope that I find "peace in my journey." Far from it. It's just something that was a catlayst to get me thinking about the issue more deeply. For that I am thankful, as it has been a frutiful exercise. Thanks for commenting, Jordan F.

mayan elephant


this reminds me of that true story in the true new testament where the true devil has a true conversation with the true jesus.



I think U2 wrote a song about that. It's called Until the End of the World. A conversation between Jesus and the Devil. It's on Achtung Baby.

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