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November 07, 2007



I listened to the entire series on Halloween night. I found Paul's account deeply moving. I disagreed with some of John Dehlin's comments to the effect that Paul's or Margaret's beliefs, ideas or suggestions would endanger the church or threaten members' testimonies. While I don't agree with everything Br. Toscano said he believes, as I understand it, I feel strongly that he had a right to express his viewpoint and that there is indeed sanctity in dissent. I felt ashamed at the treatment he and others like him have received from local leaders and the General Authorities of the LDS church.


I've never met Paul, but after spending a few hours watching his interviews I developed a great respect and admiration for this man (and his lovely wife whose interview I also watched) It is a HUGE injustice that these two amazingly smart and good hearted people are not longer members. It also makes me wonder if the church bosses knew what I think about certain things, if I would not also be asked out of the church!

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