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January 09, 2008


Sister Mary Lisa

Wow, Equality. I like this lesson. There is much wisdom contained therein. I have experienced verbal and emotional abuse from my father while growing up, as well as experienced firsthand feminine backbiting and gossip by my sisters in Zion.

No fun being on the receiving end of that kind of crap, no sir.


I know so many Mormon women who gossip without the least bit of guilt. It's something they know they shouldn't do, but they don't even make an effort to refrain.

And the most uptight, letter-of-the-law Molly types are some of the worst offenders. Maybe they think that what they are doing isn't gossiping. Or maybe it's just a situation where the reward for indulging is so great (amounting to social relevance, in some cases) that people can't resist.

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