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January 14, 2009



Rawer! Nice round-up! And that last one's a doozy.


Oh man. Some of those are GREAT. I love 7. Evolution is bad.

You believe in God because evolution is bad. Okay. Sure. I DON'T believe in God because socks are AWESOME.

42. Society would fall apart without religion.

And it would fall apart if gays could marry! DON'T FORGET THE GAYS!


#24: so THAT'S what I was doing wrong all that time! Granted, it was the 80's and there was no way my shrink-to-fit 501's had room for a hand (yes, I was too dim to unbutton - heck, I was trying to pray for a warm fuzzy feeling and feeling unworthy when the ceiling didn't respond).

The Bearded Infidel

Nice list. I especially like #50. Do you really buy #10 & 21? You dismiss #10 out of hand, but might there be more to this? I can see how #21 can be true in many cases, but I think it is a pretty generalized statement. What do you think?

Michael Carl Eaton

Very nicely said. Witty and insightful. It won't change any closed minds of course. If you are a true believer, there is no way that logical fallacies will bother you. The favorite fall-back for any believer is "faith", even tho' the faiths of millions of human beings are mutually inconsistent. My faith is right; yours is not. My prayers get answered by God; yours get answered by the Devil or your own imagination.

I am 60 years-old and requested that my name be removed from the membership rolls of the Church at the age of 57. I'm a slow learner. It took me that long to finally realize that there was no way on earth that I could rationalize the differences between my beliefs in evolution, modern cosmology, and numerous social issues with the teachings of the Church. I feel like an idiot that I clung to my hopeful delusions so many years. Ah, well. Better late than never. Being free to think on my own is wonderful!

Bruce in Montana

You are a nasty person. May God have mercy on you.
Please stop your hatred and apologize to your beautiful family for not humbling yourself and seeking truth before it's too late.

Lunar Quaker

Hey there Bruce. Don't you see the irony in your comment?

I happen to know Equality personally and have found him to be a genuine, thoughtful, and kind person. The scathing indictment you received on the NOM board for your delusional fundamentalist Mormon beliefs was well-deserved.

Equality has spent a good part of his lifetime seeking truth, but like me, he prefers to find truth that is based on evidence, not subjective spiritual feelings.

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