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March 23, 2006


Mayan Elephant

good to see you hear brother domo. i am a huge fan of this essay.


Domo, this is a tremendous essay. I recall you were surprised at the favorable response the first draft of this essay received. This is a classic. In my own life I experienced references to the Mormon map, but not until you essay brought the pieces together did the whole light on the subject come to be.

Hellmut Lotz

I enjoyed the poetry and the beautiful fit of your metaphor, Domokun.


Great job, Domo. Of course, it's not the map that's wrong, but the reader. According to FAIR, in order to read it correctly you have to squint really hard while holding the map at exactly a 38.7 degree angle and using only light from the sunrise on the third day after the vernal equinox. Unfortunately, none of the prophets knew this--they're only human after all!

Doctrinal Engineer

I really liked this essay, Domo. Wonderful job.


Hey, I'm one of those late 40's (well, 46) guys still attending Elders Quorum. What's your point? :-)

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