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Since starting this blog about three weeks ago, I have added a number of links in the left sidebar to other web sites and other blogs.  Most of these concern some aspect of Mormonism, which is the primary focus of this blog.  Under the category "DAMU Blogs" I am including a wide range of blogs, most of which are authored by disaffected current members of the church or ex-Mormons.  I do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed on all of these other blogs, but I have included links to them because I have found at least something of interest on each of them and because I think they might be of interest to people who are attracted to Equality Time (it may be the lawyer in me that feels the need to provide this disclaimer--reference to an outside site is not necessarily endorsement of the views expressed therein).

In the category "Boyd K. Packer's Favorites" I have included sites with information about Mormonism that I expect Elder Packer would not appreciate, hence the ironic title.  Again, I don't necessarily agree with everything presented on these sites but have found them to be valuable sources of information about Mormonism that is not likely to be found in the correlated materials offered by the church curriculum committee.  I have avoided, for the most part, sites that have an evangelical purpose (that is, a mission to convert Mormons to some other brand of religion).  For me, evangelical anti-Mormonism is counterproductive, a subject about which I will post at a later time.

In the "Other Cool Sites Category" I have linked to sites that may or may not touch upon Mormonism or religion generally but which I find interesting and/or informative.

And then there are those I have labeled as "On the Fringes of the Bloggernacle."  The Bloggernacle consists of blogs that are ostensibly written from a believing LDS perspective.  The blogs I have included here appear to me to be in the Bloggernacle but not entirely of it, although they are not far enough away from "the Lord's doctrinal campsite" to be numbered with those of us in the DAMU.  The boundaries between "faithful," "critical," and "oppositional" are not always clearly defined.  So, I have made decisions based on my perceptions which I admit are entirely subjective.  If any blogger objects to placement on my site or in a particular category I will gladly reconsider.  I am also always looking for more blogs to include, so if you have one, let me know.



In my first "real" job out of college 12 years ago, I was put onto the committee to create the institution's first web site. At the time there were many arguments about including links to external sites. Most of the revolved around the issue of my institution being somehow "accountable" for the content hosted elsewhere.

Since then, I moved from the content side, to the infrastructure side of web servers, and haven't kept up on the debate. My personal opinion is that a web site should be somewhere in between only providing content or only being an aggregate of external links. A good site should provide both. In today's more tech-savy world, is it necessary to provide a disclaimer for obvious links to external resources? What is the current legal opinion on "ownership" of links?

C. L. Hanson

Thanks for linking to my blog Letters from a Broad!!!

I have a similar philosophy in that I like to provide links to blogs written from all different perspectives. Even if your own perspective is right ;-) (or mostly...) it's always valuable to understand where others are coming from. :D

My only complaint is that you appear not to have included my novel Exmormon in your suggested reading list, but I guess I can't always have everything... ;-)

Watt Mahoun

Thanks for the clarification, Equality. I agree that no disclaimer is required...your category headers are sufficient.

I'm thinking that Purim probably belongs in the Bloggernacle section as I am the only DAMU contributor of 5 total.

Please keep mormAnarchy in the DAMU. Though I attempted to find acceptance with my personal blog in the 'nacle, most refuse to link to me and a few consider me anti-mormon...and you know how TBMs feel about affiliating with those they perceive as lepers of faith and orthodoxy. :-)



I will make the change on Purim (which I think is a great blog, btw).


So far, I have only included books I have actually read in the Suggested Reading, with the exception of one book that came highly recommended by a close friend. Your book looks interesting, though, and if I read it and like it, I'll include it.


I agree that it is not legally necessary to make any disclaimer like the one I made, just that I think people get a certain impression when they see the links on a blog, and I wanted to make clear to readers who may make judgments about me based on the links I provide. I was hesitant, for example, to include a link to Mike and Hyrum's podcasts because, whiled I enjoy them, they are more "anti" than I am really comfortable with.

C. L. Hanson

Hey Watt, I know how you feel about not getting included in the Bloggernacle.

I explained to the fMh bloggers that my blog has a lot about Mormonism and Feminism and isn't "anti", but I failed to persuade them to include me in their sidebar...

I can't complain though since they let me do a guest post for them once.

Watt Mahoun

Thank you, Equality...and again, thank you for your comments on Purim. I guess it's a good sign when when what you're saying throws people into fits of unsocial least you know someone is listening.

C.L., thank you...and I guess that once was enough?

C. L. Hanson

For them maybe... :D

I'd be happy to write them another one, but I generally try to tread lightly over on the Bloggernacle so as not to wear out my welcome.

The guest post was called "Standing up for your (former) beliefs" if you're curious. It's posted on both my blog and theirs.

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