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NOM Song of the Week: Walking Contradiction

This may be the mother of all NOM songs.  NOMs are, by necessity, at war with themselves to some extent--walking contradictions.  Peggy Tatyana at the New Order Mormon site, has an essay called "The Paradox of the Faithful Unbeliever" that talks about this.  And one of my favorite bands, Greenday, succinctly encapsulates the idea in their song, Walking Contradiction

Money quote: "I have no belief, but I believe I'm a walking contradiction."  It doesn't get any better than that.

Walking Contradiction

Do as I say not as I do because
The shit so deep you can't run away
I beg to differ on the contrary
I agree with every word that you say
Talk is cheap and lies are expensive
My wallet's fat and so is my head
Hit and run and then I'll hit you again
I'm a smart ass but I'm playing dumb
Standards set and broken all the time
Control the chaos behind a gun
Call it as I see it even if
I was born deaf, blind and dumb
Losers winning big on the lottery
Rehab rejects still sniffing glue
Constant refutation with myself
I'm a vicitm of a catch 22
I have no belief
But I believe
I'm a walking contradiction
And I ain't got no right


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