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May 06, 2007



Silly Mayan,

Otterson's press release is not canonized. He is just speaking as a man. Just because he is the spokesperson for the church doesn't mean he speaks for the church. What's funny to me is they include "official proclamations as well as canonized scriptures, which means the official proclamation of the Q12 from 1845, wherein the American Indians are called Lamanites must be binding. And the official FP statement from 1949 saying that blacks were denied the priesthood for a lack of valiance in the premortal existence is also binding, while, I guess, Jeff Holland's and Marlin Jensen's remarks relegating such a notion to "folklore" status is not. Of course, that's only if you accept Otterson's PR statement as more official than, say, President Ezra Taft Benson's talk on the 14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet. For all their talk of unity, they sure can't seem to get their story straight on what is doctrine, what is official, and what isn't.


I echo Equality...

Somehow, I think that the above statement will simply be ignored...the preferred way of dealing with odd, controversial or wrong statements in the past

What is more ironic than a non binding statement defining what is binding and not binding on members?

Mayan Elephant


I agree that it is loose as hell. But, for a minute, can you please appreciate that I can now invite the High Priest Group leader to my poker games? That is a good thing. I hear he sucks.


Offer him a Polygamy Porter for us, OK? "It's a mild barley drink Brother HPGL!"



See, I thought the irony of which Equality speaks is that very same irony referred to by ME here:

"That is huge progress, even if the words in the statement are not cannonized - oh for the irony and continued dilemma."

But even if Otterson's little junta were canonized, we'd still be left with that loosey-goosey of all situations where each may interpret the words of the canon as the spirit dictates and only those of superior authority may correct error. As long as this is so then great weight will be given to the spiritual/administrative hierarchy of the day. The moment this changes in more than just rhetoric is the moment when Mormon authority becomes irrelevant...IOW, the moment that the church ceases to exist.

I'd like to sustain Brother Otterson as interpreted by ME. May it come true in our lifetime.

Anon for this

I've always wondered why no one has tried marketing Pay Lay Ale, with the slogan "Quench the thirst in your mouth!"


I have seen a parody beer labe called Pay Lay Ale with the slogan "O God Beer is good for my mouth"

I agree that this statement means nothing unless read over the pulpit and has the FP and/or Qo12 signatures under it. However it does call attention to the fact that most of what goes on in the church today is driven by church culture and not doctrinal statements from the brethren. The church is operated at the local level mostly by folklore. correlation is dropping the fun stuff we used to talk about and not replacing it with anthing of substance.

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