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Mormon Matters Episode 15: Inoculating the Saints, cont'd

Episode 15 of Mormon Matters is now up and ready for download.  You can get it directly from the Mormon Matters web site or subscribe through iTunes.  This latest episode continues the discussion of the concept of "inoculating" the saints to prevent disaffection when members of the LDS Church taught one thing by the church do some digging on their own and discover the truth is, well, more complicated.

Panelists on this episode include yours truly, along with guest Equality Time blogger and my good friend Mayan Elephant, as we join regular panelists John Hamer, Ann Porter, and host John Dehlin for a lively discussion.  My thanks to John Dehlin for allowing me to express my thoughts on the subject.



Well good work, Equality and Mayan!

You know, I have to agree with John Dehlin ... the church would virtually collapse if they were to take your advise (just fantasizing here), but it's good advise anyway because at least it regards the truth.

I for one would not want to have anything to do with that church unless what they taught were actually true ... I just don't get this idea that Mormonism would be great without its foundational doctrine.

Better to just live in reality and start from scratch.


Perhaps I should add that the church would virtually collapse for people like me, as it has. There'll certainly always be folks enough to sustain the church as one of the world's largest MLM franchises. But that sounds like hell to me.

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