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October 24, 2007


C. L. Hanson

Wow, thanks for the plug!!!

It's true we're inhabiting a bit of a strange space, that is people who have a connection with Mormonism (cultural/familial/emotional) yet don't necessarily believe or practice. The thing is that it's possible not to believe the doctrine yet at the same time not hate every aspect of Mormonism and/or think it's the root of all evil. So we're shooting for a discussion that's a bit more nuanced than the standard black and white.


I think that it’s fair to label the site a place for moderates to discuss church issues without sounding overly critical of the Mormon church and its teachings and without sounding overly apologetic either


How nice to plug MSP for us, E! The discussion over there can be fun, much like here, where Mormons and former Mormons can talk freely.

Jordan F.

I like the site as well.

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