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October 17, 2007



Interesting post. I recently taught a Sunday school class about this very topic, and used the Russell Nelson talk as a reference. It was difficult to gauge the reception: some people were very surprised, others were familiar with it, and some simply didn't want to hear about it.
But those who did say they were surprised mentioned that every depiction of the translation they've seen suggested something less...weird than what the historical record tells us.
Great link, by the way.

Lunar Quaker

andrew -

That's precisely it. The church's correlation committee does as much as it can to reduce the "weirdness" factor from church history. And the PR department tries to mainstream the church to make it less "weird". Gordon B. Hinckley says "I don't know that we teach that" because the doctrine that God was once a man is "weird". And regardless of all the efforts that the church makes to mitigate the weirdness, the general population still thinks Mormons are weirder than ever.


Hey, thanks for the plug, Equality!

I am the one responsible for most of the artwork on Images of the Restoration so far, but we are hoping that more artists will be willing to have their their fact-based illustrations of Mormonism featured on the site.

I think it would be nice to see more common ground staked out between the believers and skeptics of Mormonism, and I think focusing on the facts is a great way to do that. Only after the facts (and our varying levels of certainty about them) are established can our respective conclusions drawn from those facts be understood and respected. Images of the Restoration is an attempt to establish and discuss the facts in a different way.

Please check it out, and feel free to comment.



JV ~

I thought I recognized your style on that site! I'm still considering doing some art for you over there...



Here are some suggestions for JV, SML, or any other talented artists of depictions from Mormon history I'd like to see:

1. Martin Harris "seeing" the gold plates with his "spiritual eyes."

2. Joseph asking Heber and Vilate Kimball for their 14-year-old daughter Helen's hand in "marriage."

3. The sand-filled deposit boxes with a layer of silver on top, used to give the impression that the Kirtland Safety Society had enough hard currency on hand.

4. Oliver using the dowsing rod.

5. Joseph opining upon the discovery of "Zelph."

6. Lucy Smith charging admission to see the Egyptian papyri.

7. Moroni (or Nephi) appearing in Joseph's small bedroom where his five brothers were sleeping in two beds.

8. Joseph as a boy regaling the family with stories about the ancient inhabitants of the American continent.

9. The destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor.

10. Emma pushing the pregnant Eliza Snow (Smith) down the stairs.

Gee, the possibilities are almost limitless. I wonder how many of these will eventually get published in the Ensign?


I wonder how much an artist gets paid when one of their illustrations gets published in the Ensign.....


LDS truthseeker

Awesome work JV and what a great idea to post this topic Equality.


Thank you very much, LDS truthseeker.


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