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Recommended Site of the Week: Religion Facts

This week's recommended site I stumbled upon recently.  It's a huge site dedicated to giving "just the facts" about the world's many religions (or at least the most popular ones).  It's called Religion Facts.

Some have asked me: "If you think Mormonism is not a good fit for you any longer, what would you replace it with?"  I'm still on that journey of self-discovery myself and sites like Religion Facts I find useful in giving some direction to that search.  Right now, I lean toward Unitarian Universalism.  I like its openness, lack of dogma, and the healthy attitudes I think it transmits to children.  Whether it remains a viable long-term solution for me, I do not know.  But it appeals both to my mind and my heart right now.  I hope you enjoy this week's recommended site.



Hey?! Where's Pastafarianism? What kind of worthless site is that anyway Equality? No FSM, geez, man..

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