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LDS Church Reiterates "No Criticism" Policy

Welcome Salt Lake Tribune Readers

The Salt Lake Tribune published this morning in its online edition an article about Peter and Mary Danzig, the LDS couple harassed out of the church because of Peter's letter to the editor supporting BYU Professor Jeff Nielsen's opinion piece criticizing the LDS church's political stance on gay marriage. I blogged about this here and here.

The Tribune was kind enough to link here to Equality Time and to the full story written by Peter himself. So, to all Salt Lake Tribune readers, welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment.


Jake Hanson

Great blog, I'm definitely subscribing. I'm a gay former mormon and I really appreciate your integrity.



E: Front page in today's (Sunday, Feb 24th) printed edition arriving on my driveway. Excellent effort! K8


Caught the article, very interesting.


Thanks for continuing to follow this story. Being a gay member of the church (for now) it really means a lot to me that anyone would stand-up and protest something that probably doesn't directly affect them as both Jeff Nielsen and Peter and Mary Danzig did.

If only more members of the church would have the courage to do the same, perhaps the less informed among us would start to realise that its not quite as black and white as they would like to think.

By the way, I've changed the name of my blog, to which you have a link here under "Outer Blogness".

Again, thanks.



Stories like this make me angry and are exactly why I no longer participate in the Church. I'm sorry Peter and Mary Danzig were drummed out of a community they so obviously loved and devoted their lives to. Any church that excommunicates its members or threatens them with such action is hardly the kind of church I want to be participate in.


Did you see the Church's response? Laughable! They don't seem even to have read the Tribune article.


Oops; just saw your latest post. You hit the nail on the head!

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