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Great New Web Site from "LDS Missionary"

Every once in a while, I stumble on a web site or blog that has information on Mormonism presented in a unique way, or which contains information not commonly found elsewhere.  For those looking for just such a site, I recommend clicking right here.   It's a site by a former LDS missionary who has recently become disillusioned with the faith (sound familiar?).  His latest post is on the racist doctrines of the LDS church (which have never been repudiated; only swept under the rug).  Since tomorrow is Juneteenth, and this month is the 30th anniversary of the "policy change" declaration through which God decided He was no longer racist, it seems an appropriate time to send readers of Equality Time over there.


Soy Yo

I found this blog about a month ago and think it is very good. He was a great writing style and his messages are powerful. Good to see you back Equality!

Matt Thurston

Are there more entries than just the one? Has he taken the site down?


yes, i noticed a few days ago the site was taken down and replaced with his "goodbye, i'm moving on" letter. best wishes to him. actually sounds like a good decision. :')

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